Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vossen Adventures?

Some of you may be wondering:
Why have you created a new blog?
The main reason is that we decided that rather than each of us having our own, we would consolidate into one since we have now been a family for more than a year.
Why did you name it Vossen Adventures?
Vossen: Many people ask us what is the plural form of your last name? While there are many different ideas, Voses, Voi, Voci. We really don't know for sure. Vos is Dutch for the word for Fox. Vossen is the Dutch plural form of Vos. So we decided to name go with Vossen. My brother, who actually speak Dutch, told me that the Vossen is pronounced very similar to Vos.
Adventures: Stephanie just finished up her work at YD Adventures. We loved the adventure part of the name, and we also think that life our new life together is an adventurous journey.
Our blog is really an online chronicle of our life for our friends and family so we thought that it would be appropriate to name the blog Vossen Adventures.