Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well folks…exciting news in the Vos home…we were chosen by a birthmom to be the adopted parents of her baby girl who is due to be born the first part of November! So, barring any unforeseen circumstances we’ll be bringing home our tiny princess in about 6 weeks! We are ecstatic, and feverishly preparing to be mommy and daddy! Please continue to pray for us, our little girl, and her birthmom in the midst of this process. We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Girl's weekend!

I just got back from an early birthday present from my wonderful husband...a girls weekend with my two best friends!!! We were college roommates. Amanda moved to Illinois a couple of years ago. Nikki and I both live in the Vancouver area, and decided it was high time we visited the Gentemann gang. :) We had SO much fun seeing the Gentemann's new life in Illinois...seeing all the sights (including the ghetto of St. Louis a couple of times by mistake :) ),meeting all their new friends, and seeing their extended family again.

Lunch at the "Loading Dock" on the Mississippi River. YUM!!! We still got it, girls. :) :)

We got to be there for Amanda's baby shower (baby #3, a GIRL :), is due in November) which was very special, and super fun.

MISS YOU, Gracie-girl!! Can't wait to play polly pockets and make chocolate cupcakes again soon!

The last morning we were there, we got to accompany Charlie on a field trip with his preschool class to an apple farm. Super fun!! Miss you, Charlie-boy!!! Can't wait to visit again and play lego's!!!

Hot mama's!!!! :) :) Can't wait to meet those little one's!!!

Thanks for a great time, Amanda! We miss you SO much!!! Love you both, and can't wait for the next time!!!