Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello, all. Well, we are gearing up to close on our house and move in next week. Tomorrow we are headed out to Iowa for a few days. Brad's Uncle Paul passed away on Sunday, so we are flying out for his services. Please keep Brad's family in your prayers, and us as we travel. Hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, another busy week or so here. Things are moving along quite smoothly in our home buying process, and it looks like we are on track to close everything on Nov. 7. This is an answer to prayer. Please keep praying that everything keeps going smoothly! We are getting very anxious to move into our house and begin getting involved in our new community!
We spent time this last weekend shopping for some appliances we will need to buy (washer/dryer, fridge), as well as paint colors. Woo-hoo!
We are also very excited about some new friends we made this last weekend. We met them through a friend of Brad's. They are new to the area, and are really excited about joining with us in starting this church! Praise God! We are so excited to have them join us in this adventure, and we're excited to have them as friends!
Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vossen Get Internet

Well, I know this seem like a small think, but we got high speed internet installed today!

Keep praying that our loan goes through!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More news!

We also put in an offer on a house last week, and our offer was accepted! Please pray with us that our loan process, home inspection, etc. goes smoothly. Barring any unforseen events we will close on the house on Nov. 7th. We are SO excited! We love the house, and the neighborhood will be great for us, too.


Well, the last few weeks have been pretty busy around here. We were out of town for most of September. We spent time in Quincy celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, and spent time with my folks and siblings. Then, we spent a few days in the tri-cities where Brad attended a preaching conference and then had his last examination to be ordained. the good news is...He passed!!! What a blessing! It was a fairly grueling examination, but he did very well and I am so proud of him!
This weekend we had his ordination service at a local church, which will be our calling church. Both of our folks were able to be here for the service, which was a blessing to us.

All of the elders (along with both of our dads) had the chance to go forward and pray for Brad.

Brad had a chance to share briefly how God had worked in his life to bring him to this point of being ordained, and being called to start a new church in North Vancouver.

They had a cake reception after the service. Here's the official ordination certificate! Virgil (pictured with us) is the pastor of our calling church.

Our new church family! We haven't known Bob and Hester very long, but they are already dear friends to us. They live in the Vancouver area, and are very excited to join with us in our church plant. We are very blessed to have them along with us in this journey. Their wisdom, energy, and love for the Lord and others will be a vital part of our new church.

Thanks moms and dads for being here with us this weekend! It meant a lot to us to have you here!

Pastor and Mrs. Brad Vos. :)