Monday, December 22, 2008

"Arctic Blast 2008"

Well...we are going on day eight of being "snowed/iced in" more or less...we haven't had snow like this in Portland/Vancouver in over 40 yrs. At least that's what the local weather guys are telling us. :) To date we've gotten about 20 inches.

Shoveling last night's snowfall off our driveway...

The finished product. :)

A corner of our backyard...the trees are about 4 ft. tall...

Glad we bought a cover for Brad's BBQ !!!!

Our street...

Well, the pictures really don't do it justice, but we are definitely set for a White Christmas here! The forecast???? More snow!!! It looks like this year I may be home for Christmas only in my dreams...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


We love you!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Iced In...

Well, Saturday it rained very hard all day, and that night the temps dropped into the teens and low 20's. So, needless to say the roads around here are an icy treacherous mess. So, yesterday we just stayed put and kept warm.

I made some peanut clusters and white chocolate pretzels and put together some plates for our neighbors, which Brad then braved the elements to deliver for me.

There's nothing like a big pot of homemade chili on a cold winter day!

We ended the day with some of Brad's signature popcorn...

...and a few games of Settler's of Catan and Yahtzee.

I love winter days! What did you do? :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Decorating...

Yesterday I brought out all our Christmas decorations. I had a lot of fun, and it makes the house feel so cozy and festive!

I made a wreath for the front door...

Who wouldn't want to come into our house when you're greeted by this lil' guy at the front door? :)

I thought it was so fun when I found this gingerbread man candle in one of our Christmas boxes, as it goes with a gingerbread man table runner I have.

Our Christmas tree! It's not the greatest picture cause of the slider doors, but that's okay. I gotta find a tree skirt!

My favorite Christmas decoration that I can't wait to put out each year. My Willow Tree set from mom and dad Vos.

Gotta love filling up the counter with some greenery and a candy dish! At least for the next few weeks it won't be the spot for junk mail! :)

I did a lil' redecorating...this pictures is for you, Shel and Staci! :)

I hope you all are having a blessed Christmas Season!